Saturday, December 20, 2014

SONY Execs should watched HIGH NOON before responding to Hack Attacks

High Noon (1952)
Sony execs should have watched High Noon before responding so cravenly to the hack attacks. They’d have known better than to cut and run. In the classic film, the town’s legal authority, the Judge -- who is advising Marshal Will Kane to cut and run – says: “this is just a dirty little village in the middle of nowhere, nothing that happens here is really important.”
Will Kane, who does not cut and run, knows better.

All the other Hollywood studios – every single one -- Sony’s alleged creative partners, who also cut like “craven cowards,” refusing to stand up for Sony, should have watched High Noon, too. As Helen Ramirez says to her ex-lover, the deputy Harvey Pell: “… Kane will be dead in half an hour, and nobody is going to do anything about it … and when he dies, this town dies, too.”
Unlike Sony, Helen Ramirez understood what makes a democracy work; understood why a democracy works.

In acceding to the demands of the hackers -- in cutting and running -- Sony execs have made it sadly clear that they do not understand what makes a democracy work. Because what happens to one single film studio in Hollywood – “this dirty little village” – matters, indeed.
-John Mulholland, Writer/Director

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gut·less (gŭt′lĭs)
adj. Slang 1. lacking courage : cowardly
2. lacking significance or vitality
— gut·less·ness noun

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