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Inside High Noon Review- DVD Active

Inside High Noon
A Documentary
Written & Directed by John Mulholland

Review by DVD Active

‘Inside High Noon’ encompasses the film’s creation and value in a tightly edited fifty minutes. The behind the scenes tale is told, but at least half the Frank Langella narrated documentary is devoted to the film’s importance in the greater pantheon. There’s a lot of focus on the film’s political subtext (the film is listed as both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s favourite), but there’s also plenty of focus on the craft and achievements of every major member of the cast and crew. Since very few of the original players are around to offer up their humility, there’s a slight smugness to the doc’s assured knowledge that the film is important, but the interviewees, including the children of the stars and crew, and Bill Clinton, who knows a whole heck of a lot about the film, verging almost on a fanboy enthusiasm. Written & Directed by John Mulholland. Produced by Richard Zampella.


INSIDE HIGH NOON A Documentary on the 1952 film HIGH NOON - Written/Directed by: John Mulholland Narrated by: Frank Langella Produced by: Richard Zampella & Shannon Mulholland. On Camera Interviews: President William Clinton, Tim Zinneman (son of director Fred Zinneman), Jonathan Foreman (son of screenwriter Carl Foreman), Crown Prince Albert of Monaco (Grace Kelly's son), Maria Cooper (Gary Cooper's daughter), Brian Garfield, Lee Clark Mitchell,Stephen Prince, Meir Ribalow
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